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Raw cashew

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Raw cashew

Cashews are regularly utilized in South Asian cooking, entire for decorating desserts or curries, or ground into a glue that frames a base of sauces for curries or a few desserts. It is additionally utilized in powdered structure in the arrangement of a few Indian desserts and treats. In Goan cooking, both broiled and crude bits are utilized entire for making curries and desserts. Cashews are likewise utilized in Thai and Chinese foods, by and large in entire structure.

The cashew apple, likewise called cashew natural product, is the meaty stem of the cashew natural product, to which the cashew nut is attached.[3][13] The top finish of the cashew apple is appended to the stem that falls off the tree.[3] The base finish of the cashew apple joins to the cashew nut, which is encased in a shell. The cashew nut is the genuine natural product, and is viewed as a drupe.